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Originally Posted by ArmyDoc View Post
That would be great! What powder/bullet combination do you think you will start with?
There is a good bit more data available online now than when I started. If you make a spreadsheet and add all the data you can find as well as the source, you can easily sort out the data that is not right.

Assuming you are doing the new barrel, compensator, and heavy spring. I would tell you can look at Rowland data also.

As always start a little low and work up. The limits with my setup is not going to get me a Kaboom, it will just beat my glock to death.

I don't have my load data with me, but from memory I think I had the best results from Power Pistol, AA#7 and Bluedot when I was pushing it hard.

As far as what bullet, that is a personal decision. I assume you are not loading for personal protection against people. (There is not much to gain over 45ACP+P) If you are loading for paper there are lots of options. I spent a lot of time working with Rainier PHP bullets in 185gr, 200gr and 230gr. They are cost effective for load development. The really light .451 bullets fly flatter. The 260gr Speer JHP bullets will feed, but will not open unless pushed VERY hard. The 300gr bullets are not recommended. I have some Hungarian 45ACP JHP. The bullets will not open at the factory speed. I always said I was going to pull some and load them to 45Super to see if they may be the ultimate 45Super JHP loads. I would also look at some of the bonded bullets because they should hold together better than the unbonded ones I was trying.
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