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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
I've watched a lot of those video.

Almost everyband overstates there velocity (when shot out of a Glock 20)

I only know of two that match or beat what they claim: Underwood, and Swampfox.

Those that doen't include:
Double Tap
Buffalo Bore
All relatively true.

But Double Tap specifically is out of line in that right on the box flap it shows that the velocity claim is based on a G20. For example, the following is what it says on an older box of DT 10mm 135gr -

135gr. Nosler JHP
1608fps / 4.6" bbl.
50 cartridges

Therefore I'ld say DT doesn't have the "5 inch barrel" excuse to use. Not to mention that the DT velocity claims are a whole lot more than a "little" off regardless.
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