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Originally Posted by wkoukios View Post
I was a long time user till I was able to chronograph the ammo myself. Its way under what they claim. I tested 3 of the 10mm offerings, In specifics, I tested the 200 gr WFNGC that DT state will do 1300 fps from stock G20. I averaged 1060 fps 3 rounds were 1040 fps. I emailed the company to ask why and received no reply to several emails. I shot Buffalo Bore and some hand loads that same sesion that all recorded normal numbers. This verified that they LIE and no it!
I now use Buffalo bore or my own hand loads. I will not do another transaction of any kind with Double Tap. I even bought some components to hand load and found them to be wanting in quality. Beartooth makes better hard cast bullets so they have my money now!
Why am I angry, I bought 10mm hard cast ammo designed to defend against animals in the woods. They are advertised at a 10mm specific power capability yet offer 40 s&w power levels. 200gr at 1300fps is 750ft lbs. Move the velocity to 1060 and the energy drops to 499! This is more then just embellishing on the numbers! Glad I am loading my own now. I despise dishonest people that take my money with deception!

With the Beartooth bullets; Have you noticed weight variances bullet to bullet or do they seem relatively same-same?
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