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Yes, I have a G21 setup for 45Super.

What should be understood is there is 45Super and there is 45SUPER. When I started there was very little reloading data for the 45Super so I went off book and made my own. What I ended up with is 45SUPER. Or to put it a different way, I pushed the ends of envelope.

If you are just wanting 45Super or 45ACP++P then it can be done with a standard Glock. If you plan on pushing the ends of the envelope then heavy spring, guiderod, new barrel, comp or suppressor is needed. If you continue to push the ends, it will beat up your Glock.

I am not sure what more to tell you. Oh, wait a minute.
1. If you are not a reloader, the 45 Super is not for you.
2. If you want to load to 454 levels, you will not get there with the 45Super.
3. With the bullets I tested the extra power of the 45Super is not realized because the bullets are designed for 45ACP and 45LC. A 260gr JHP bullet needs to be designed for the correct velocity before a 45SUPER will be a good hunting round.
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