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Originally Posted by rcd567 View Post
I am! Brass came out fine. I did buy a Lone Wolf barrel and will test that with them too. My Glock barrel leaves a pretty good size bulge in all cases I shoot out of it. The Underwoods were no different. Since I reload some too, I wanted a tighter chamber so the brass would last longer. There were no smilies in any of the cases from Underwood.

Also not sure about custom loading Gold Dots since they already have the 165 gr. Golden Saber round.

I need to order some more and might throw in some 180 or 200 if they get them done in time so I can shoot a deer with it.
Originally Posted by post-apocalyptic View Post
I've run more than a few 165gr JHP Underwood 10mm rnds through both my stock '20 barrel and my 6" Glock Hunter. All functioned flawlessly and only some of the fired casings have any discernable hint of a "Glock smile". On those casings; the "smiles" are barely visible, not easily photographed, and have little to no effect on reloadablility... i.e. the 165gr JHP Underwood rnds are loaded to the original full-power, (or full house), 10mm specs, as all Underwood 10mm rnds are.

They're currently my favorite rnd to shoot, (I won't get my 135gr nosler JHP Underwood rnds till Friday ), very versatile and extremely damaging to anything they're fired at... although the best rnd, (of the various factory 10mm I've fired), for turning cover into concealment is Underwood's 180gr FMJ, (>1300 fps)!
Thanks guys..
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