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Originally Posted by 10 fan View Post
My edc ammo is DT 180gr. bonded defence at 1305fps. Draw from IWB and a shoot controlled under time pressure I dought if most could find or feel the difference including POI,bullet rise or drop ,recoil control,target aquisition on second shot.
Well, like I said, I'm just a crusty old dude and it is only my opinion. I just don't believe that Major League Baseball players should have batting practice with whiffle balls. I believe that if you are going to "practice" at saving your life or someone else's life, it would make sense to use the same exact identical tools that you plan to use in a life saving event.
Also with the proven inadequacies printed on Double Taps boxes concerning velocity, I can see why you think there is no difference in felt recoil from the cheaper ammo. Everyone has an opinion, and I respect yours. I just don't see the logic or common sense in it from my limited point of view.
Comparing a 10MM to a .45 is like comparing Major League Baseball to Softball. One of them anybody can do and the other is strictly for men......JJ
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