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Finally got a chance to pop off a few cylinders of ammo through my new 340.

Not a range report by any means, but I did walk out into the woods and fire off enough rounds to verify that my 340 works, and get a feel for it's general accuracy and recoil.

I fired off: 158 gr .38 special: felt very "cute" and accuracy and time back on target was outstanding.

130gr .38+P Winchester PDX bonded: recoil was very manageable and time back on target was great. Firing a ton of these at the range would begin to hurt the hand after awhile...but for defensive purposes...this is very quick back on target for follow up shots.

135 gr .357 magnum Speer Gold Dot (short barrel): This round does produce a bit of hand slap, but I found it to be manageable when doing focused "defensive drills", and time back on target was fine (would improve with more practice). I was surprised at how well I handled the .357, as the internet chatter would have you believe that it would feel like "an aluminum baseball bat smacking your hand".

Granted...for extended range sessions..the .38 or .38+P is the way to go.
I probably will carry with Buffalo Bore .38+P LSWCHP in 158 gr.
(didn't fire any today, as the BB ammo I have is in my safe, but have had good results when shooting BB ammo in my Ruger SP and S&W 66 snub.)

Will give better range report and carry info after I actually get more experience with the 340.

For now...loving it. Never had an easier weapon to carry!
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