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So I just takes someone's word on this (who doesn't have a chono)? Proof not needed. It's up to me to disprove it someone's unverified claim? That's interesting. You didn't take science in school did you?

Either way, assuming he is right. It's still very expensive by comparison.

I didn't insult anyone with my posts (until now). Why make this a personal attack on me?
Not sure which part of my post was attacking you? You get defensive very easily...
When I said YOU have to prove they dont meet his stated velocities, I meant you in general...
Im well aware of the scientific method, I have a bachelor of science degree...and it is because of this knowledge of the scientific method that I can say what I did. The claim is not unverified, quite the opposite! You asking for proff is like asking for proof that the earth is round. Umm, I could get proof that the earth is round for you, but it has been proven so much, and is so obvious by now that it seems pretty silly!
His velocities have been proven and gone over again and again on here, by several people, there are even videos on youtube showing his ammo in action. Being that the thorough experimentation has proven my theory, I can say what I did, and unless someone could have proven otherwise, his stated velocities are correct. We obviously did not take this on blind fact, we studied it, like we did everyone else's ammo.
All of this is why I said, you have to prove otherwise...

So, before you go running your mouth about needing proof and numbers backed up, why dont you do just a little bit of research yourself? If you had, you would have known that swampfox's ammo has been proven several different ways, over and over again to be what we, and swampfox, say it is!
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