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Originally Posted by Golddog View Post
Good suggestions - I've had success with most of the above. However, CCI aluminum-cased has NOT run reliably in any of the many pistols I've owned, including Glock 19's, a 26, and a 34.
The cci aluminum sold under the Blazer box is not the hottest ammo, I have however not had any issues with it. I have shot it with Springfield XDm, Glock 26 Gen3, Glock 17 Gen4, Ruger P95 and Keltec P11. The TNJ version from Cabelas is even cleaner and maybe hotter than the other. Have not done any measurements. Rated at 1150 fps. I have read several reports of engineering tests that show the aluminum case is many times stronger than the brass case. If you re-load then brass is better, but otherwise the aluminum may be a better choice.

If anyone has documentation on the subject please pass it on.
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