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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
Yes I've been to their website, read about them on this forum and even emailed them to ask a question. My email was not replied to. Careful with your assumptions. AT NO POINT DID I SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT SWAPFOX other than the cost.

So I just takes someone's word on this (who doesn't have a chono)? Proof not needed. It's up to me to disprove it someone's unverified claim? That's interesting. You didn't take science in school did you?

Either way, assuming he is right. It's still very expensive by comparison.

I didn't insult anyone with my posts (until now). Why make this a personal attack on me?

*EDIT* reading the other posts it appears Mike of SF passed away. RIP
Nobody said you said anything bad about Swamp Fox. I'm not sure how you came up with that...

Anyway, my point was you seem like you are unfamiliar with SF's ammo. If you have been reading the 10-Ring of any amount of time you would know his reputation is stellar as is his ammo.

What started this was you giving advice to use a fully supported barrel with Underwood's ammo... when I already shoot "hotter-than-underwood" ammo with my setup ... which is listed in my sig line (LOL). It was from that discussion onward that I assumed you were unfamiliar with SF. Nobody said you were dissn' him.

As far as needing "proof", I agree. I have however read a lot of posters on this board rave about how hot his ammo is. If he was falsifying his numbers, he probably would have been crucified (like Double Tap) by some. I have yet to read anything about his ammo other than WOW. If you ever shot his ammo you would understand. It really was above and beyond anything out there.

Was it expensive? Sure. But it was the hottest out there AND it was cheaper than Buffalo Bore (another often cited premium brand). SF ammo was never meant to be target/plinking ammo. It was the hottest premium ammo for hunting, personal protection, etc.

I am excited to try out Underwood's offerings now...
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