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Originally Posted by G29SF View Post
Have you been reading this forum much? You seem to be unfamiliar with Swamp Fox ammo...
Yes I've been to their website, read about them on this forum and even emailed them to ask a question. My email was not replied to. Careful with your assumptions. AT NO POINT DID I SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT SWAPFOX other than the cost.

Originally Posted by arushus View Post
He must not have done must research into their product. Swampfox has the kind of reputation around here where he doesnt have to prove that his numbers meet their stated velocities, YOU have to prove that his numbers dont add up, not him...
So I just takes someone's word on this (who doesn't have a chono)? Proof not needed. It's up to me to disprove it someone's unverified claim? That's interesting. You didn't take science in school did you?

Either way, assuming he is right. It's still very expensive by comparison.

I didn't insult anyone with my posts (until now). Why make this a personal attack on me?

Originally Posted by arushus View Post
SF is no more...
*EDIT* reading the other posts it appears Mike of SF passed away. RIP
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