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Originally Posted by G29SF View Post
Yup, it sure does. Swamp Fox (I believe) is the undisputed king of new manufactured 10mm ammo.

As far as backing up the number, no I have not chrono'd anything myself (don't own a chrony). I have never read anything to say his numbers aren't accurate though. If you ever shoot his stuff, you will understand.

Have you been reading this forum much? You seem to be unfamiliar with Swamp Fox ammo...

As far as price, yeah it is expensive. Not something I use at the range for target practice, but it is bad-ass!
I agree, well put. I was just about to write something similar. He must not have done must research into their product. Swampfox has the kind of reputation around here where he doesnt have to prove that his numbers meet their stated velocities anymore, that has been gone over time and again. YOU have to prove that his numbers dont add up, not him...
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