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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
Those numbers would put swamp fox at the top of the list. Do you have any way of backing up those numbers? What gun were there chrono'd on? Video proof? But I wouldn't considereing the major bands mostly rate below 500 ftlbs I would still call Underwood 'hot'.

More importantly to me is that swamp fox is twice as pricey as underwood. Would you rather have 500 rounds of swamp fox it or 1000 rounds of underwood? For those on a budget that is often the choice.
Yup, it sure does. Swamp Fox (I believe) is the undisputed king of new manufactured 10mm ammo.

As far as backing up the number, no I have not chrono'd anything myself (don't own a chrony). I have never read anything to say his numbers aren't accurate though. If you ever shoot his stuff, you will understand.

Have you been reading this forum much? You seem to be unfamiliar with Swamp Fox ammo...

As far as price, yeah it is expensive. Not something I use at the range for target practice, but it is bad-ass!
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