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Originally Posted by pugman View Post
I'll ask.

Do they make a 44" tire for Mountain Bikes or is that a typo?

As for a bike, for a SHTF event, couple of things to keep in mind.

Do NOT buy a top of the line bike...heck even a nice bike for that matter. If you are talking a true SHTF event remember when you are riding it at any time someone could jack you and you could be leaving that nice $1,000 ride on the side of the road. Which brings up the second point.

Compared to walking, I would think you are much more vulnerable.

Third, take a hint from NYC messengers. Don't buy some Krypton lock which can be defeated with a pen....or even a cable lock. It will be heavy, but get yourself a nice 3-4' section of heavy duty Grade 80 chain and lock you can throw over your shoulder. You know darn well there will be people just walking around with a bolt cutter looking for stuff to take.

A bike is only worth as much as the chain used to keep in place.

In the first few hours I don't think that we will see too much panic in any but the very worst scenarios so you should be 30 miles away with proper motivation.
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