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Originally Posted by G29SF View Post
Why do you say that? I shoot Swamp Fox's hottest stuff (200gr @ 1325 fps) in both my G20 and G29. Underwoods stuff is not that hot. I see Underwood as being a nice compromise -- price vs not-as-hot stuff.
"fully supported chamber" means just that, not glocks stock barrel for the 29 which leaves a good chuck of the casing exposed. I bet those 200gr rounds leave some pretty good 'Glock smiles' on the brass in a stock barrel. I would use and aftermarket barrel for anything that powerful.

As to the ammo being 'hot' or not. Nobody listens to facts. You can see it proved on youtube. drsjr1969 is the guy on youtube who has crono'd close to 70 different 10mm rounds.

His top 10 rounds in AVG Energy are as follow: All shot from a completely stock Glock 20

Elite Ammunition 175 GR STHP = 715 ftlbs
Elite Ammunition 200 GR CMJ = 713 ftlbs
Buffalo Bore 180 GR JHP = 705 ftlbs 1,327 ft/sec
Elite Ammunition 65 GR JHP = 685 ftlbs
Underwood Ammo 180 GR JHP = 679 ftlbs 1,303 ft/sec
Underwood Ammo 165 GR JHP = 666 ftlbs 1,348 ft/sec
Double tap 130 GR NozzlerJHP = 612 ftlbs
Reed's A&R 165 GR.............. = 606 ftlbs
Reeds A&R 135 GR............... = 604 ftlbs

Since you can't buy any of the Elite Ammo online (that I can find) and Buffalo Bore cost 2-3x as much. I'll stick with underwood. Lots of "fancy" brands don't even crack 500 ftlbs.

At the end of this video the guy post a spead sheet of his ammo test.

Swapfire looks great, but is priced for the 1%.
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