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Glock Blue Label's and Texas LEOs

seems as if the paying for and passing of an official glock class on fixes, service, and repairs warrants a graduate the opportunity to reduced prices on the purchase of a new glock. supposedly, any dealer with an LE program (selling to agencies and/or officers) will honor the certificate and make a sale.

(PS: i am intentionally being obtuse here to avoid needless comments.)

these days, at least for me, the bottom line is price, which most of us understand today better than in the past. after the class, i hope to take advantage of a reduced price on the purchase of a new M-22 and accessories. Frankly, i would/could go for the right Used M-22 IF 'used' qualifies...

the gssf site has links to local dealers and local dealers with 'le programs'.
in the second biggest state in the usa, the number of dealers with le programs is = six (6) !??!
the number of local dealers statewide is quite a few.

so, my question is this.
since price is an issue for me, will you recommend a dealer in TX that would provide the most generous price on a leo M/G-22 ??
thank you
houston armorer to be.
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