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-If you beat your head every time you hear a hammer cocked, or a safety flicked on TV, and the character is holding a Glock.
-You don't buy groceries in bulk, but you spent an hour explaining to your GF/wife how it makes more financial sense to buy ammo in bulk.
-You have the reports of the '86 Miami/FBI shootout memorized.
-You can't juggle, but you can change magazines in the blink of an eye.
-You can tell if your gun is loaded with the 180gr carry ammo or 165gr home ammo by the weight of the gun.
-You marveled at the beautifully executed "Mozambique" in the pilot episode of the old Miami Vice tv show.
-You hear "limp-wristing" and don't think it's a gay joke.
-"GlockTalk" is at the top of your bookmarked sites, followed by a slew of bulk ammo sites.
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