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He attended Columbia and Harvard, and graduated with a law degree. He was editor of the Harvard law review. He was a senior lecturer and taught constitutional law at University of Chicago for many years. He was a lawyer and US Senator. Those are some pretty difficult things to accomplish, and even his most fervent haters can't argue against that success. If you think you can do the same, try it. He is the most inclusive president in recent history. Often times there are bills that get voted down that were written with bi-partisan input and support.
The danger in the second term for us who believe in 2A is appointments to the SCOTUS. That is where our rights to keep and bear arms can be eroded over time with case law, since historically the justices have voted in line with their parties views consistently. He has shown that even with the overwhelming dissent about his attempt at health care law, he has no problem shoving that down our throats. When there is nothing to lose in a second term, we will see more extreme actions and the "I know what's best for you" mentality. But if all the GOP has to offer is a senile old POW with severe mental problems who "graduated" at the very bottom of his class and can't even string an intelligent sentence together, expect the same.
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