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3-Shot Burst Kit for MAC series SMG's?

Hey there,

A buddy of mine (at my unwavering insistence) has finally taken the plunge and is purchasing an entry level MAC-10 in 9mm (Yes, you read that right.). I told him all the weird and wonderful things he could do with it back when he started the transaction, and now, months later, he calls me up and says, "Hey did you know..."


However, there is one I DON'T know, and that's why I'm coming to you all.

Is there a drop-in 3-shot-burst mod for the MAC-10 SMG? Something that can either mimic the Fire Fire Stop of the M16A2 using a cam, or some other method, that can be attached to the FC system? Or maybe a full fire control parts kit to replace the factory FA only?

What he'd REALLY like is the system like we used to see in the 90's for the transferable M16's, with a four-position safety selector: Safe, Fire, Burst, Auto.

I told him it was unlikely, but that a competent gunsmith familiar with and licensed to play with NFA weapons could probably make one.

But before we go that route I figured I would ask.

Any 3-shot burst kits for the MAC? Either Safe Fire Burst or Safe Fire Burst Auto? Where and how much?
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