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Originally Posted by RevToTheRedline View Post
I've been carrying but have yet to shoot any of, Winchester PDX1 9mm +P 124g JHP.. is this a pretty decent round?

I picked up a box of 20 last time I was at the gun shop and use it in my daily carry as well as spare magazine.
You should shoot quite a few through all your magazines before trusting it as your carry round. I know they're expensive, but I wouldn't carry anything I hadn't tested.

Just because it's a name brand tested and carried by many, it still might have problems in your equipment.

When I bought a G30 earlier this year, I figured I would carry either Speer GD 230gr or Winchester Ranger 230gr, so I bought 50 rounds of each. The Rangers jammed in 4 of the 5 magazines I tested, although many have fired hundreds of them without issue in the same model. I bought 200 more rounds of the Gold Dot and didn't carry them until at least 100 were shot without issue.
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