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I'm planning on sending my .100" wide front sight back to DP in exchange for the .125" wide. At first I really liked all the daylight on the sides of the front sight, but I have found that it's more difficult to align them perfectly. If the front sight is just a hair off center, it can move the POI quite a bit depending on range. Hopefully the .125 sight will fill the gaps enough to get a more precise sight alignment. The rear sight notch is also narrower than the stock sights, so I think this is the ticket.

As for the sight height, mine is .285, but it's also on a G20LS. I would call DP and ask. They should be able to get you set up, if you can tell them what you're putting them on & what you want to do with it. If you decide you want a different width or height, they will exchange the sight for you.
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