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Originally Posted by TexasGlockster View Post
I have been wondering about ammo and the change in the weather. What is the theory behind changing the type of ammo you use when the weather changes? I can't figure this one out for the life of me...
The 115-grain 9mm bullet is regarded as a relatively shallow penetrator, even the +P+ version. There's not much clothing to worry about obstructing a bullet during warm months but with layers of thick (and possibly heavy weave) during cold weather the light bullet just might not work as desired. I know the Illinois State Police downed quite a few felons with the Federal 9BPLE during cold weather but there are other rounds that have done the same and I just thought I'd go with the Federal 135-grain Tactical Bonded +P for the time being now that it's colder.

Though I am curious, at the end of the day I think I'd rather have a load that I know will work consistently regardless of the season.
I agree; that's why I'm planning on picking up some 124-grain Gold Dot +P and 124-grain Golden Saber +P Bonded my next ammo order. However, if ATK's video record of controlled tests are indicative of reliable results the 124-grain HST +P would be an excellent all-year carry round. I do have that round and am tempted to carry it now, except the Tactical Bonded is endorsed by some GT members whose opinions I regard as highly educated.
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