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Advice for the wise...take it or leave it. I paid my way thorough college working for the medical examiner of a large, populous county. Also taught human anatomy for a few years. Based on what I have seen and learned firsthand (not just shooting at gelatin blocks!)....I load Glaser Silvers! (They recommend Blue for summer, and Silver for winter where thicker clothing will be the norm.)

Yes...there will be some situations like around vehicles where barrier penetration will be necessary, but as a civilian I am not going to be engaging in a running gunbattle like a LEO might....all I want to do is fire that one shot that will save my life! When I feel I might need some hollow points, still I am likely to alternate them every other round with the Glasers. (Hornady 115 gr Critical Defense in the G26, and 115 gr XTP in the G19.)

This is closer to what you can expect in real world hollowpoint performance. In a chest shot, likely the bullet will hit or glance off a rib. It will deform badly, the hollow point will pack up, it will tend to go in at an angle or end up sideways, and deep penetration (of the unexpanded bullet) will be the norm not the exception.

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