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.40 S&W ammo for those who complain about .40 being too "snappy"

I read posts all the time discussing the fact that .40 S&W recoil is uncomfortable for some folks to shoot. Hornady is now making the perfect practice ammo for people who are new to the .40S&W, or need a lower-recoil round to practice with. Its also great for anyone who wants some quality range ammo to have fun with that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Hornady's 180 grain Steel Match traveling at 950fps is some very soft shooting ammo, and accurate to boot. Handguns magazine just had an article on it which prompted me to buy some to try out. I have never run across any .40S&W (that I didn't load myself) that shot any easier in my GLOCK 23. It was very accurate and well manufactured. The cases aren't re-loadable, but then if you reload, you can already load up any velocity you want.

Note: I shoot full power ammo in my .40 and have no real problem with the recoil level. I also own a Glock 20 in 10mm, and shoot full power loads in it. So, please save any macho lectures that are bubbling up inside some of you for another time. Soft shooting ammo can be fun for the shooting public as well.
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