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Funny thing is: I have never, ever, EVER reomved that piece. Not even to clean it. But, if I were to do so, I see that there is a round hole in the middle of the slot that fits the "Glock tool" (which you can see laying on my Glock mat in the background of the pictures) so pushing it out from the trigger mechanism from the left side (as pictured above) instead of pulling it out from the right side (as pictued above) would be the correct way to remove it.

Considering the fact that I have not removed it or bent it, I could ask how it could bend, but it seems to me the answer would probably be that it has been that way since day one, and now that I have some wear on both the trigger bar and the connector, the lack of a completely smooth surface is making itself apparent and is likely the culprit.

I have two options: replace it or bend it.

The question is: how flat to the trigger mechanism should it be? Flush?


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