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Range Report part II
Shooting better with ISPC stance.

But now for the weirdness.
Just for fun I decided to go back to modified weaver
and not use the sights at all.
Just muscle memory and point shoot.
We are talking just 7 yards, point blank, but Holly Molly.

I shot flat deadly like that.
Double taps through three big sticks.
The firepower of a G27 at close range is just outrageous.
Itís like a force multiplier with the big sticks.
feels like having two friends fighting with me!

Iím a third degree black belt. So just letting muscle memory take over
and destroying everything kind of makes sense to me Ė LOL!

BTW topping off the sticks at 22 and the G27 at 10 is working out great (as you said it would).
Thanks so much for your help and have a great day!
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