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Not sure where to post this, but I'm really pleased with my little LCP. I'm an instant fan. I ran about 70 rounds of mixed ammo through it today, right out of the box, and experienced only 1 very predictable FTE. They come dripping with oil, and on the last round of the second mag, the spent round stuck and I had to give it a jiggle to shake it out, and I noticed oil blowing out of every possible orifice. After that it ran flawlessly for another 50 or so rounds of mixed ammo, and I put away to practice other stuff. I can't believe how accurately it shoots. The long trigger pull has been the subject of some debate, but I became accustomed to it very quickly and it wasn't an issue for me. Rapid fire was okay, obviously no comparison to my Glock 17, but that's apples and oranges. I feel very comfortable with the little pistol, and I think it will accompany me everywhere.
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