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Thank you G19aps and also Brian Lee.

After writing the post I did a little thinking and came up with two different formulas that can be used to calculate the sight adjustment distance. You need to know the sight radius, shooting distance (in inches) and the amount that the shot groups are off.

I did not know about the calculator on the Ameriglo website. The Ameriglow website has the sight radius already determine for each model of Glock and automatically calculates shooting distance in feet into inches. The Ameriglo website determines how much taller or shorter your front sight needs to change. However, the same resulting value can be used to determine how far to move your rear sight.

A=Sight Radius B=Shooting Distance (in inches) C= Shot Group Offset

Here are the two formulas:

#1 -- A divided by B times C -- A/B x C = The Distance to move rear sight.

#2 -- C divided by B times A -- C/B x A = The Distance to move rear sight.

(Move your rear sight in the same direction that you want your shot group to move. If you want to move your shot group to the right -move the rear sight to the right.)

Now that I know about the Ameriglo website I won't need to make any calculations.

Thanks again to both of you for the input.

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