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Originally Posted by JR View Post
The current "Gun Gurus" seem to be preaching the use of standard sights along with a RD sight. Really, this is a clear case of overkill. The current issue RD sights boast battery life of 100's if not 1000's of hours. They are tough as nails and 100% reliable.

If you think about it, about 25 years ago it was common practice for rifle hunters to carry both iron sights and a scope. You cant hardly find a bolt action sporting rifle with iron sights any more.

If you want a RD sight, dump the std sights and move along.
"Gun Gurus" - I know exactly what you mean.

And yes, I too believe the Insight MRDS is tough enough and reliable enough to use without sights. In fact, it seems to me that iron sights would just take up space in the viewing area and be a distraction too.

What would be nice, is to get a slide without sight cuts - hint, hint!
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