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A portied barrel for a G21 project????

I'm on the edge of dropping the bucks on a Glock project gun.

I have a G21SF with the pic rails and ambi safety. I dearly love that setup!

The project would be to buy a LWD tactical length slide, of course a tactical length barrel, all the parts for the extractor, a firing pin safety and spring and a striker channel liner, and a recoil spring.

The only thing I'll have to change from the stock slide over to the LWD tactical slide is the striker assembly and slide cover.

I want to mount a Insight MRDS on the slide. I may machine the slide slightly for the MRDS, but I can't much because the light sensor is located at the bottom front of the sight - it's about the only RDS that has ambient light sensor looking at the threat area instead of vertically above the gun. An Insight WL1 Series Tactical Light/Laser will go on the rails.

Any problems so far?

I already have a Taylor Freelance +4 mag extension, so that will give 17+1 .45 ACP rounds in the gun.

Here's my real question: I'm thinking about getting the LWD ported barrel:

My question is, does all that hot gas blowing upwards on the slide as it passes over them, degrade the slide?

Many thanks for your time and thoughts,
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