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I just got my new Remington 700 LE in .308. At 100 yards with Federal gold medal 168 BTHP, I'm getting .68" 3 shot groups. 5 shot groups open up to .94 and my largest 5 shot group was 1.1" on the dot! What I don't understand is the Black hills match 175 grain ammo shoots a little larger 3 shots groups @ .79 but the largest 5 shot group with the same ammo is no more than .90"! I tried this several times on separate days. There was little difference and the heavier bullet weight prevailed again and again. How can this be with 1:12 twist rate? I thought the slower rate of twist wouldn't stabilize the heavier bullets as well as when compared to what a faster rate of twist would? My FN SPR is just the opposite and it also has a 1:12 twist rate. Am I missing something here or is it just that my rifle favors the Black Hills ammo over the Federal?

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