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I use the Comp Tac C-TACs for my G20 and my Walther PPS and I'm very happy with the quality and how well they work. They're very adjustable for cant, so I can set it up for either carry at the 3:30 position, or carry at the 5:00.

For the G20, if I carry at the 3:30, I need to upsize my pants. I also need to wear a large loose shirt to conceal the G20 well at the 3:30. If I carry at the 5:00, I can wear my regular pants. Also, I can conceal it better at the 5:00 (just a loose T-shirt), but it prints if I bend over. The 3:30 position is slightly easier for me to draw from, but I can draw just fine from the 5:00, as if I'm removing my wallet from my back pocket .

Another nice thing about the C-TAC and M-TAC holsters, as well as the Crossbreeds, is that they are tuckable (tuck in your shirt over them). I haven't tried this with my G20, but my Walther PPS in a C-TAC completely disappears under a tucked shirt. Good luck with your Comp-Tac, I think you will like it.
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