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Well, it took me forever to get back to the range. The G36 "stovepiped" on the 12th round. I went to a lgs and advised him of the problem. He bought the G36 - he was convinced I was limp-wristing it.

I have shot 45acp, 40 s&w, and 9mm glocks for approximately 20 years and I guess anything is possible, but frankly, I doubt that I was limp-wristing I bought another G36 and plan to go to the range next weekend.

In reviewing the G36 record it seems that they are either good or not. I like everything but the round count with the G36 but I am willing to work with that. I can only guess that the previous owner figured that it was one of the not so good G36's and sold/traded it - now that makes two of us.

I regret I don't have the time to try to force Glock to do the right thing.

Thanks for listening. I'll report back.
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