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Originally Posted by ColGlocker View Post
Ok, I am looking for preferably an IWB for my unmodified 29SF. I kind of remember a member recommending the Comp-Tac Mtac. I have seen a few videos of it in YouTube and I find it interesting.

A quick question I have is will I need to wear oversized pants in order for the holster to fit properly? Also, I would like to hear/read the pros and cons about the Mtac.

In a related matter, I have a Remora holster for my G26. Seems to work fine and it pretty much stays where I put it. I was wondering if anybody in the group uses the Remora with their G29/G29SF? If so, could you share the good, the bad and the ugly about it?

Thanks in advance.
Just received my comptac 2o'clock the other day, the build quality of Comptac gear is outstanding. I also had a comtac C-Tac for my G20 and it did well. Don't know about the Mtac but I would guess that the leather backing is going to add thickness so it will possibly take more accommodation to wear with out it being to snug. I'm no IWB expert but if you have some snug pants it's probably gonna be too tight to be comfortable. I would suggest oversized pants for flexibility.
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