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light primer hits

I went to sight in my g19 today after changing the sights.I sighted in with win white box 115 fmj .I then shot some federal 115 fmj it shot slightly high and to the left but wasnt off by a lot.then i tried some russian 115 fmc ammo and while it shot slightly higher and slightly more to the left than the federal did it grouped well,but i had several light primer hits with 19 has a reduced striker spring along with a few other mods.I ordered a wolf ultra light striker A FEW DAYS AGO iLL REPORT BACK ON THE STRIKER AND IF IT HAS ANY AFFECT ON LIGHT PRIMER HITS.iTS NOT A ISSUE i NORMALLY ONLY USE THE RUSSIAN AMMO in my bretta cx4storm carbine but i figured id try it in a glock to see how it worked.Ive also tried it in a steyr .40 and it worked fine but it was a stock gun.
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