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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
The reason you had so much trouble w/ the beam scale, is because it is Lee's... it is junk. Most folks never recommend that scale. A QUALITY beam scale, will be far better than the Lee beam scale. Dillon's Eliminator or the RCBS 505 are far better choices for a beam scale. ....
Yes, IMO, the Lee scale is not the best option. Started with that scale. Never really trusted it and it would take too long to center. I think some folks that have a poor view on beam scales may base it on the Lee. You don't know how much better a better scale is, or how good a beam scale can be, until you own one that is better than the Lee. I had a Lyman that was nice, but sold it when I took a break from reloading. I have a Dillon now and it's quality.

Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Indy, you are going to hurt someone's feelings calling their equip choice "junk". I prefer quality challenged or economically adequate.
Advice taken and I made my feedback more constructive.
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