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Originally Posted by jeffreybehr View Post
Methinks you got rocks in your head recommending a progressive press to a newbee. A turret press is all this fellow needs and should have IMO, unless you wish to see him driven absolutely plumb crazy.

And whichever version of the Lee turret press you choose, I also highly recommend the 4-hole version, which auto-indexes (rotates the turret) and allows you use 4 dies if you get that far.
IMO, semantics somewhat, though I know the difference. Turret. Progressive. Same concept: not single stage. And, IMO, given the price of a USED Dillon Square Deal B, or the value of a USED Dillon 550B, and my/the experience of others, go Blue. Anything else, in my observation, ends up costing more money in the long run when the newb, trying to skimp at first, "upgrades" to the press s/he should have bought to begin with. That's my expanded opinion and worth what you paid for it.
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