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Originally Posted by jeffreybehr View Post
gen4G23, do get the carbide dies so you don't have to lube cases. I have a Lee turret press, apparently the 'standard' version, and altho its handling of spent primers is inconsistent and sometimes frustrating, the whole Lee system works just finely...but for that beam-type scale, which was HIGHLY frustrating for me. I suggest some kind of digital scale; I have and LOVE the Hornady L-n-L AutoCharge.
The reason you had so much trouble w/ the beam scale, is because it is Lee's... it is junk. Most folks never recommend that scale.

A QUALITY beam scale, will be far better than the Lee beam scale. Dillon's Eliminator or the RCBS 505 are far better choices for a beam scale. The Hornady Auto Charge is really nice, but it's about 85% of the OP's budget, and that's really just not realistic.

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