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Originally Posted by cole View Post
Check the sticky. Get a progressive...
Methinks you got rocks in your head recommending a progressive press to a newbee. A turret press is all this fellow needs and should have IMO, unless you wish to see him driven absolutely plumb crazy.

gen4G23, do get the carbide dies so you don't have to lube cases. I have a Lee turret press, apparently the 'standard' version, and altho its handling of spent primers is inconsistent and sometimes frustrating, the whole Lee system works just finely...but for that beam-type scale, which was HIGHLY frustrating for me. I suggest some kind of digital scale; I have and LOVE the Hornady L-n-L AutoCharge.


And whichever version of the Lee turret press you choose, I also highly recommend the 4-hole version, which auto-indexes (rotates the turret) and allows you use 4 dies if you get that far.
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