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Mine was for $400. Haha!!!

The stocks are nasty wood, but hey, the gun is dirt cheap. The sights are not GI style though. Basic, but definitely not GI. I don't have an issue with the iron sights at all. No problems with sight alignment and no problems with quick pick up in any lighting condition.

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I have the same ATI pistol but in the Commander model. I own a number of higher end 1911's but was looking for a "beater". But after getting home and cleaning this gun up, I was actually amazed at quality of the slide to frame fit. In all seriousness, it's very well fit. Frankly, I can't believe the gun is so inexpensive. I think I paid $402. In fact, the fit is better than other 1911's that cost twice as much. Mine has been 100% reliable out of the box and surprisingly very accurate. On the negative side, I'm not a big fan of the stock grips or the standard GI sights....both easy fixes. IMO, these ATI's are a absolute bargain.

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