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Originally Posted by kasper7106 View Post
+1 for the Lee classic turret press. I purchased the kit about 3 month ago and already I have loaded around 5000 rounds. If you buy the whole kit all you really have to get is a scale, dies, calipers and a way to clean your brass. I would buy a decent electronic scale, that beam scale that comes with the kit is pretty confusing and slow. You could probably get everything for less than 300.00( not including your powder,bullets and primers )
If you got the Lee beam scale in your kit, you didn't get the Lee Classic Turret, you got the Lee Turret Press.. (ie, the Lee Turret sucks, the Classic Turret does not)

To the OP, read Colorado4Wheel's sticky in this forum, and follow his advice to the letter on getting the Lee CLASSIC Turret kit from Kempfs, and move on from there.

A decent electronic scale, is probably gonna run at least 85-100 bucks, and is not going to fit in his budget. Get a quality beam.
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