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Well amigo's, for me, and a friend or two on here ... The stock G36 left alone, shoots my hand loads of 7.6/7.7grs of Power Pistol with a 230 gr. XTP, or 230gr anything JHP, at about 910fps... recoil is very manageable (i am used to 44mags) And this has proved to be a very decent carry gun. Won't replace my M19111 45 acp EDC, but it is a very nice piece none the less. Holds poker chip size groups at 35 yds, and that is good enough for me.

Stock everything. All did was polish the feed ramp and chamber to a mirror finish.... Thats it. Feeds everything you can name flawlessly. I put a 22 # spring in it, and it shot like crap. I left it stock acccept for a 3.5# connector and it drills holes waaaaaay out there. Got about 1500+ rounds thru it, and not ONE hiccup.
Enjoy it. It is a very nice weapon, and one of Glocks best.


I came back and made a MAJOR correction here on load data. I had said 7.6 7.7 grs Blue Dot.... NO NO NO.. That is supposed to be Power Pistol !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made the correction above...
Very sorry for the typo. I usually do not screw up like that, but had somethng else on my mind ! Appologies to all !

Good shooting

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