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Originally Posted by cyrsequipment View Post
Kneepads? Is that some sort of "bartering" tool?

That is so bad....

I have to agree with others, where are you going if there is a terrorist attack?

Granted if you live and/or work in NYC, DC or some major US city it is good to have a GHB and a BOB. I was watching a few history channel shows on 9/11, and if I worked in NYC that day I would want a dust mask, some bottled water, some basic "eat on the move" food, first aid kit, good walking shoes, extra money, a multitool, a flashlight, and something like OC spray (hey its NYC, can't have a gun or good knife) to defend my self. Throw it all in a basic school backpack, and that is all I would need.

People get too wrapped up on Mad Max wartime manuvers. You can't walk out the door and march down the street with a deer rifle slung over your shoulder when terrorist attack a nearby oil refinery. Eat on the go food, water, first aid, good walking shoes, poncho for rain protection and basic shelter, lighter or other fire starting equipment, decreet protection (handgun, knife etc.) is all you really need in a BOB.

Also as someone who was in the Army and who is still an avid hiker and camper, I laugh at the BOB and GHB people make up. Looks great on Paper, but put the stuff together and "hike" 10 miles with it. How is carrying 50lb of crap feeling? Can you move fast if you had to? Is your tactical molle backpack comfortable carrying heavy weigh, or even better, is it falling apart after the first mile?

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