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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Alright folks 10 year anniversary... revengeful folks in the world after Osama's death, and a democrat in the Whitehouse..... I'm not saying it's a sure thing... but I don't like our odds. I pray, may God bless us all.

9/11 Bug out Plan and Bag contents

- Full tank of gas in the truck with an extra 5 gallon gas can.
- 1 Rem 700 .300WSM bolt action rifle/BSA scope
- 30 rds .300WSM
- Binoculars
- Gun cleaning kit
- 3 point sling
- 300 ft paracord
- 1 Taurus 1911, stainless steel
- 120rds .45ACP +P
- Field First Aid kit
- Kneepads
- 2 changes of clothing/1 ACU stlye set of fatigues and boots and hat
- Important papers
- 100 dollars cash
- compass
- 3 ways to start fire
- water purification tablets
- Gerber LMF II knife
- Mess Kit
- 3 MRE's
- Bible
- Military poncho
- Survival blanket

...that's what I've got so far, but I have a few more additions to make. If the SHTF... I'll be ready to get up and go.
Kneepads? Is that some sort of "bartering" tool?
Shoot it until it stops.
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