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Originally Posted by Texanmile View Post
Uh, brother... respectfully... hmm... ok, here it goes.

If President Clinton let Osama get away then what did George W. Bush do for 7 years after September 11th?

Clinton tried to hit him with a missile and failed, but then passed on all intelligence to the Bush administration in 2001 as W did for Obama and Obama will do for the next guy, why didn't Bush act on that intel?

So, other than the BIGGEST TERROR ATTACK IN WORLD HISTORY... we had no attacks under George Bush, and that makes him more trustworthy than the current pres under whom we've actually killed Osama, and the Al Quieda #2? And by the way... no terror attacks with him yet either...
You might have forgotten that GWB was president for 8 months prior to 9/11. And do you think any president somehow slacked off in trying to fin OSL?

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