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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Alright folks 10 year anniversary... revengeful folks in the world after Osama's death, and a democrat in the Whitehouse..... I'm not saying it's a sure thing... but I don't like our odds. I pray, may God bless us all.

9/11 Bug out Plan and Bag contents

- Full tank of gas in the truck with an extra 5 gallon gas can.
- 1 Rem 700 .300WSM bolt action rifle/BSA scope
- 30 rds .300WSM
- Binoculars
- Gun cleaning kit
- 3 point sling
- 300 ft paracord
- 1 Taurus 1911, stainless steel
- 120rds .45ACP +P
- Field First Aid kit
- Kneepads
- 2 changes of clothing/1 ACU stlye set of fatigues and boots and hat
- Important papers
- 100 dollars cash
- compass
- 3 ways to start fire
- water purification tablets
- Gerber LMF II knife
- Mess Kit
- 3 MRE's
- Bible
- Military poncho
- Survival blanket

...that's what I've got so far, but I have a few more additions to make. If the SHTF... I'll be ready to get up and go.
...and you have a VERY powerful rifle apparently, but only 30 rds, yet over a hundred round for your pistol. Half your bag seems fairly dedicated to your guns and not actually survival gear, and what does it weigh so far with all that stuff? 100lbs? So, unless you actually live somewhere that will get hit... Why are you going to bug out? Where are you going to go, and for what reason and why do you need a grizzly bear rifle to do it??? You said in a previous post that you lived next to a cotton field... Are terrorists targeting the cotton industry these days?

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