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Originally Posted by TangoFoxtrot View Post
Dave G, Calm down sunshine, its not D-Day yet and don't just blame the black guy. Its also the republican idiots as well who lets this crap happen without wiping the source off the planet. It took 10 years to get Osama bin Ladin who gave his blessing to attack us on 9/11. When the U.S. Gov't wakes up and grows a set to throw a strategic nuke up the butt of these scumbags we will always be target practice for them. Sometimes to fight terrorism you need to react like one! Or maybe we just need to be more proactive!
Clinton is the one who let Osama get away... even after he attacked us the first time. George W went after him after the first time. Under George W... other than 9/11 itself which nobody could have predicted, we had 0 attacks.
I trusted W to keep me and my family safe... but I just can't trust the current president...
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