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Originally Posted by 9MMISFINE View Post
I did it I got a reloading setup. I am so excited to start turning out rounds.
Here is my setup let me know what you think. Keep in mind i'm just starting out so go easy on me.
Press: Lee 4 hole turret w/ auto index kit scale powder dump $100
Tumbler: Cabela's 400 Kit $55
Lee Modern Reloading Manual: $15
Hornady Headspace Gauge: $40
Lee .357 Sig Steel 3 Die Set: $26
Lee .357 Sig Factory Crimp Die: $19
Electronic Caliper:$19
Bullet Puller $12
Lube and Pad $13
Loading Block $9
Total with shipping $341
You can ditch that. For a few more bucks, you can opt for a Lee Pro auto disk and a powder measure riser.
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