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Originally Posted by Lockback View Post
I've had one failure with my G36: WWB hardball.
Yesterday, I bought a G36 used, but not very abused, fire date of 2/11, and put 100 rounds of WWB hardball through it today with three FTE's; at round 85, Willie, the range honcho, thought there was a build up of residue on the ejector and we cleaned it and it finished up all right.

I had cleaned it pretty well last night and the first FTE was at about round 30 so I am thinking more along the line that WWB 230 gr. .45 hardball doesn't have the juice to push the slide all the way back all the time. I am going to try to get some other ammo and get to a range tomorrow or next weekend at the latest.

Approximately, 8 yrs ago I shot a G36 and G30 side by side to see which I liked better and I got the now well known pinky pinch from the G36 and bought the G30. Yesterday, I put Pierce + zeros on the G36 mags and wahla - no picky pinch.

The G36 is one nice feeling gun to shoot and carry. When it shot, it was very accurate. I want it to work well enough to be confident in using the G36 as my EDC.

I'll report back.
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