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Originally Posted by MajorD View Post
from what I hear them phillipino guns seem to have a reputation for more consistent fitting and function than some American guns, like kimber. The P.I. guns seem to be flooding the market right now, I would not be surprised if sales numbers show they are selling more than Springfield (NOT an American gun anyway) or Kimber.

I can say the fitment of parts on my gun exceeds many, many guns I've seen from Springfield and Kimber. The gun I bought is pretty much perfect for a $450 sample, and very, very comparable in terms of fitment at twice that price. Rounds downrange will testify to the quality of the parts themselves, as well as the steel throughout, and the gun overall, but fitment is very good and a great start IMO. The pictures I posted tell the story well IMO.

Many sub-$1000 production 1911s I see have owned and seen have gaps and non-squared fitment of parts, a protruding extractor end, slide overtravel on the frame, slide that sits croocked in the dustcover, slide that’s loose on frame, slide travel that is more rough, a thumb safety that lacks crispness or is too loose or too tight, a poor/mushy trigger, etc. In a $400ish gun I can forgive (some of) these, but on my sample gun, as noted, there are none of these imperfections, fitment is tight and all function of parts is very positive/crisp. All in all, based on handling, for a $400ish gun I'm very pleased (and I tend to be hard to impress) and look forward to the real test (i.e. range time) later this week.

Another image (of some key fitment areas I personally look for in any 1911 - mainspring housing fit, slide-to-frame fit/gap (note: dark area at top rail is not a gap but oil; see other image above), slide flush with frame in back, ejector housing fit, extractor flush in back and not croocked, firing pin stop fit (e.g. tight to not allow extractor to rotate), etc.):
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Now, ideally American Tactical does not screw up what’s now a great value 1911 by jacking up the price (e.g. Dan Wesson). For me, expectations and price tend to go hand-in-hand. Raising the price raises the bar/standard.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
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